A multi-generational home is broadly defined as a home containing two sets of adult generations, a multi-generational home includes adult children living with parents or grandparents moving into the family home.

For an increasing number of reasons, notably inflated house prices and rising care costs, adapting your house to fit several generations under one roof is proving a popular option for many Australians.

So how can you make your home work for the generations that may be joining you?

The most common complaint of those sharing a home with relatives, however close they may be, is lack of personal space. Having room for separate, enclosed bedrooms and living spaces allows each generation to relax and socialise as they choose. With this in mind choosing a house with plenty of rooms or land to expand into in the future can help ensure that creating the right amount of privacy is possible.

Multiple bathrooms
An additional element for creating privacy and one which can take some forethought, is having separate bathrooms for each generation. These should be accessible via the appropriate living quarters and allow each to go about their daily ablutions without having to coordinate with the rest of the house.

Providing extra care for elderly parents remains the main reasons for multi-generational living. Preparing your house to include features that will enable mobility for the elderly can avoid problems in the future. Ground floor accessibility is one of the easiest ways to facilitate easy access for the elderly. Creating a space whereby bathrooms, living space and bedrooms are all on one floor with no need for stairs gives older generations freedom to move as they wish.

Ensuring that your home is ready requires planning and financial investment. This is where we can help. If you’re considering how your home could be adapted to best suit your wider family and need financial advice, contact us today to ensure you’re financially prepared, or simply check out our calculators for some quick guides.