Professional Package Home Loans

Professional package home loans also known as fully featured home loans allow you the benefit of a range of products such as a transaction account and a credit card at no additional charge.

All funds held in your linked transaction account can be utilised to automatically offset the balance in the home loan and reduce the amount of interest charge allowing your home loan to be paid off faster.

Other benefits such as discounted insurance, free or discounted travel insurance and reward points for credit card usage may also be available.

Pros and Cons of Professional Package Home Loans


  • Fully featured account with redraw, split loan and offset availability
  • One simple annual fee which ensures all charges waived on products within the package.
  • Interest rate discounts beyond the advertised rates can often be arranged by your Broker.
  • No ongoing fees for transaction accounts or credit cards
  • Other benefits can included discounts on insurance products and the availability of frequent flyer / reward points on credit card usage.


  • An annual fee is payable (normally in advance) for the package
  • you may not require all the features offerred within the package
  • Discounted basic home loans may offer cheaper rates than professional package loans.

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