Basic Home Loans

Basic Home Loans are as the name suggests a ‘no frills’ loan with minimal features at a discounted interest rate.

A Basic Home Loan will allow you to own your home sooner as you will pay less interest and fewer fees.

Interest rates remain variable and will move with market conditions.

Basic Home Loans are often not priced for risk and can be ideal for first home buyers entering the home loan market with the minimum deposit amount.

Pros and Cons of Basic Home Loans


Discounted interest rates from the Standard Variable Rate apply. Savings can often be between half and one percent.

  • Additional payments above what is required are generally available via a Redraw Facility
  • Many Lenders offer Basic Home Loans with no on going fees.


  • Variable interest rates which will increase should interest rates rise.
  • Limited features apply with no ability to offset funds held in other accounts.

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