Fixed Rate Home Loans



Fixed Rate Home Loans offers you the ability to manage you budget knowing that your home loan repayments are not going to change regardless of what happens to interest rates. This comfort exists for the full term of your fixed rate period.

At the end of the fixed period, you have the choice of switching to the standard variable rate home loan or another loan product.

Fixed interest rates are set by Lenders based on their forward view of the economic environment. They may be higher or lower than the current day variable rates.

Borrowers need to undertake their own research in regard to selecting a fixed rate and term. Mortgage Brokers are not permitted to provide advice on the direction of interest rates, however they can provide you with historical knowledge and experience to assist in your decision.


Pros and Cons of a Fixed Rate Home Loans



  • Your repayments will not change during the selected fixed term
  • If you fix your rate at the right time, you can pay less interest than a variable rate loan.


  • If interest rates fall you may pay more for your loan than borrowers on variable rates.
  • You have a cap as to what additional repayments can be made
  • Many fixed rate loans do not allow Redraw
  • If you wish to exit the fixed rate agreement prior to expiry, significant fees could be involved.

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