Credit Impaired Home Loans – Poor Credit History


If you have been finding it difficult to obtain a home loan because you have poor credit history and are not suitable for traditional mortgage lending criteria, Customers First Mortgages & Insurance may still have a solution for you. The types of ‘poor credit’ usually include entries recorded against credit bureaus for items of poor payment history, defaults or court judgements. Often there are extraneous circumstances as to how such situations have arisen and these may be overcome.

At Customers First Mortgages & Insurances we have access to lenders who offer non standard (also known as ‘Non-Conforming’ loans) that may be available where poor credit is evident.

Non-Conforming Loans can be very advantageous in allowing you to obtain a mortgage for property despite a poor credit history and it gives you an opportunity to service a new loan and improve your credit rating.

Though Non-Conforming loans have a place and purpose, the interst rates will be higher than a standard home loan and your loan will be reviewed regularly, depending on your lender.

For any other enquiries around Non-Conforming Home Loans please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email or simply request our staff to give you a call back.



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