Receive 50% off Your Cost of Refinancing *

That’s correct!  When you refinance with Customers First Mortgages & Insurance

you could receive 50% off the cost of Bank and Government Fees involved in the

transaction (see conditions below).

* Conditions of the offer to receive the 50% rebate you must meet the following conditions:
a) Loan size $350,000 or greater,
b) Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) below 80%,
c) Offer does not include break costs for existing fixed rate loans,
d) Rebate paid within 45 days of settlement,
e) Offer not applicable with any lender direct cash rebate offer.
f) Offer not applicable for leads generated by third party referral channels.


With an increasingly large number of home loans available today, along with a changing economy and interest rate uncertainty, your current loan may not be as suitable to you today as it was when you first obtained it. It could be that the interest rate has changed or your existing loan isn’t meeting your current needs. Whatever your situation, Customers First Mortgages & Insurance can help you find a loan that will suit you better.

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